Application Process

Preliminary Interest Form
 – This phase helps us get your basic information and sets you up with a dashboard. Once you complete the interest form, you can jump right into the Application Part 1. 

Application Part 1 – This phase will help us learn more about you and your calling, and share more about who we are and possible opportunities. You’ll tell us about your family and the church you attend. We’ll learn more about your salvation experience and Christian testimony, and your vision for future ministry. Along the way, our staff will be available to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. Once you've finished this phase, your application will get reviewed to make sure we have all of the necessary details before Application Part 2 opens up on your dashboard.

Application Part 2 - If you are married, we will ask your spouse to begin an application at this point. We will dive deeper as we learn more about you, your Christian walk, and your story. We’ll ask you to provide contact information for 3 individuals who know you well. We will learn more about your prior work and/or ministry experience, including education, leadership experience, and skills you would like to use for ministry. Upon completion of Application Part 2, our team will reach out to you to review your information and discuss a potential role with our ministry.

Assessments and Approval - At this stage, we will ask you to provide health and legal information, as well as authorizing a background check and providing passport information. Once all of your information has been reviewed, a final approval decision will be made, and we’ll work with you to choose a location and ministry assignment.

Training and Fundraising - After final approval, you will begin training, fundraising, and registration for an on-site orientation hosted at our offices in Orlando, Florida.

Deployment - Once training and fundraising is complete, you will be ready to begin ministry!

Download an Overview of our Application Process