Stacey and Nancy Guhr
Stacey and Nancy Guhr have been called by God to the construction and helps mission field. After years of growing and increasing in talents and skills, they have seen the need to be the hands and feet of Christ and make an impact for the kingdom of God, being faithful to what He has entrusted to them.

Stacey, through life's circumstances has ministered in music, traveling with the Spurrlow's and Ron Kenoly throughout the world. Born and raised in a Mennonite farming community in central Kansas, he has learned handyman and construction skills from hands on experience working with engineers, master plumbers, a/c journeymen and general contractors.

When the construction industry came to a standstill in 2009, and the financial plateau that Stacey had been on for the past decade came to an abrupt end, he went from making great money, to being homeless, begging and abusing the good will of friends and their couches.

At this point Stacey began to see all the roads he had traveled, the many hats he had worn, his failures and successes as a foundation for knowing what he knows and doing what he now does.  Everything from understanding who he is as a worshiper, to completely remodeling homes. From life's highs to life's lows, Stacey understands the desperate need that exists in today's world. The Guhr's love to help those who cannot help themselves and have a vision with limitless possibilities.